Sarah’s Economic Growth

Sarah at her groceries store

Sarah at her groceries store

Sarah Danda is 37 years old and she lives in Ipagala Ward. She’s married and she’s a mother of two children. She’s currently operating a small successful shop in Ipagala, Dodoma.

Before starting her business, she was a stay-at-home mother. She could just stay at home to look after children and manage the household work. She was financially dependent on her husband for everything. She says that, “life was so difficult and they lacked a clear vision of their future due to numerous challenges they faced as a family in maintaining their household.”

However, family’s outlook on life changed after Sarah’s enrolling to Tupendane SILC group in Ipagala. She was inspired by her friends who were in that group of Tupendane as everyone had a small business and their lives were better. She was really challenged and therefore she decided to give it a try to see if her life can change and be better.


She joined the group at the beginning of the year 2013 and at the mid March, she applied for a small loan of 245,000 Tsh. and started trading vegetables and fruits near her house. Sarah earned a small profit of 117,000Tsh after paying off her expenses.

After seeing the business is paying off and yielding good results, she went back to apply for a second loan worth 452,000Tsh. She had decided to expand her business and earn more profit, and eventually raise her income. Now, instead of just selling fruits and vegetables she added other stuffs such as cooking oil, kerosene, rice, sugar. Following that, she has opened a small groceries store which has gained popularity in her neighbourhood. She testifies that her daily turn-over ranges from 38,000 to 70,000Tsh.

Sarah is successfully supporting her household’s basic needs now and meet as well other family needs. She has as well convinced her her husband to join SILC but in another group in Pagala

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