Happy & Healthy with Mwanzo Bora Nutritional Project

Issa Ndee is a Mwanzo Bora Nutrition Program beneficiary, at Mondo village Chemba District. He is a

father to two children, the older 3 years old and the younger 6 months of age (as of March 2014). He joined Mwanzo Bora services when his wife was pregnant of the young son. He used to attend the MBNP service provisions frequently and leant a lot from the program. It is during these services he realized how it is to take care of the family as far as nutrition is concerned.

“My old child is 3 years old but only 12kgs, my young son is only 6 months old but 6.5kgs. I am impressed of the services provided by the program”


Issa Ndee says he and his wife didn’t know what it takes to feed the child with mother’s milk throughout six months, so they used to feed their older child with supplementary food before six months. If that is not enough, they didn’t take into consideration best meal taking to a pregnant and lactating mother. As soon as they joined the project’s services they realized they were wrong and started taking into consideration nutrition issues. Issa Ndee’s wife started to feed on five food groups during pregnancy. Either, she fed her child with her milk only for the first 6 months. Here is what she says “I feed my child with my milk only, no supplements. My child is healthier, I never took him to hospital for any sort of treatment other than normal clinic visits. I see a great difference between my older child and the current one”.

Issa Ndee and his family are happy and healthier as they appear, they are very proud of being beneficiaries to Mwanzo Bora Nutrition Program.

Issa Ndee & Family

Issa Ndee & Family

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