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New CCT General Secretary

Rev. Canon Moses Matonya

Rev. Canon Moses Matonya was born on September 25, 1964 in Ikowa village in Dodoma Tanzania, being the third born out of five children of Rosemary. His father, Matonya Makunzo, passed away in 2006 leaving three wives and nineteen children.  Rev. Moses has been a full time ordained minister with the Anglican Diocese of Central Tanganyika in Dodoma since November 1993. He is married to Ruth and they are blessed with five children, three daughters and two sons.  Currently, he

Bishops Seminar on Islam

Presentation by Rev. Dr. Bwire, representing PROCMURA and a lecturer on Islam from Kenyatta University (Kenya)

CCT, with support from Church of Sweden, is conducting a seminar for Bishops on Islam. The purpose of this seminar is to help Bishops broaden their understanding on Islam and current trends on Islamic radicalization and extremism. The two day seminar has started on 23rd of May and will end on 24th of May. The attendants include Bishops from CCT member churches, representatives of Church of Sweden, Zanzibar Interfaith Centre and CCT secretariat. Here are some updates in pictures:

Religious Leaders Meet With Political Parties’ Leaders

CCT has been  facilitating  high level consultative meetings between Religious Leaders and other important stakeholders at national level including political parties, government officials, national election commission and law enforcers organs, to challenge policy and legal frameworks that perpetuate systematic injustice  and threat of peace and promote a culture of dialogue to resolve sensitive matters of contention between religions (Christianity and Islam), political parties (ruling party and opposition parties) and all Tanzanians at large. The political tension that is experienced in

Religious Leaders Intervention on Political Tensions in the Country

The CHADEMA delegation under Chairman Mbowe

One of CCT mandates is to foster unity, peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance in Tanzania. In so doing CCT has involved itself with various interventions for the sake of conflict resolution, peace building and overall enhancement of peaceful and brotherly lifestyle, for which Tanzania is known all over the world. Following recent developments in political landscape in Tanzania, under the shadow of 2015’s General Election fallout, the temperature has gone up. Tanzania has witnessed serious commotions in the National Assembly

CCT Support to People With Low Vision & Blindness in Chamwino [In Pics]

CCT General Secretary (L), Hon. Vumilia Nyamoga (Chamwino District Commissioner) (R) and one of beneficiaries (C)

The event took place on Sunday 31/7/2016 and it was graced by Chamwino DC Hon. Vumilia Nyamoga. In total the goods were supplied to 11 households with 58 residents where majority have impaired vision. Items issued include: Blankets/Quilts Health Kits Soap School kits Bibles Braille Food Supplies More Pictures Courtesy CCT WAMA

Workshop of Religious Leaders on Peaceful Coexistence

Religious leaders poised with Hon. Mwigulu Nchemba (MP) the Minister for Internal Affairs

Incidences of religious intolerance have been increasing in Tanzania for the past five years. The incidences include burning of churches and mosque, killing of religious clergies, pouring of acid to religious clergies, provoking religious teachings. There is also insufficient monitoring and documentation of religious intolerance incidences and documenting of the best practices of religious tolerance. With this back ground CCT organized a one day conference on 20th July 2016. The conference brought together Christians and Muslims at National level to

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