Interfaith Relations & Ecumenism Program

CCT in collaboration with BAKWATA, TEC and CPCT, through interfaith program is working  hard to create  platform for religious leaders, through which people of different faiths can freely meet and get an opportunity for conversation that helps  in strengthening  relationship among community members hence create peace and unity.

Interfaith Committees address conflicts and promote reconciliation.  The Interfaith Committees work closely with paralegals in addressing injustice through advocacy. The committees also contribute towards reconciliation following conflict mediation by paralegals. The presence of Interfaith Committees in the community decentralizes the interfaith dialogue from national level to local levels at community levels.

The committees meet at least once in every three months to discuss specific issues arising in their communities.

Interfaith committees have been well established in 19 districts in Kigoma,Tabora, Mwanza, Geita, Arusha,  Same, Tanga, Morogoro, Mvomero, Kilosa, Dodoma, Kondoa, Singida, Chunya, Mbeya, Kiteto, Bahi and Gairo. The platform has been well trained on conflict management skills for mediation and reconciliation through interfaith quarterly meetings.

CCT is also working to ensure that in every interfaith committee, youth are participants in all conversations and decision making. To date CCT through interfaith relation have created the youth network with the total of 28 members whereas 14 of them are female and 16 are male from different faiths in Gairo district. Our target in 2019 is to train more youth on Interfaith Relations and formulate other youth platforms in Same and Bahi districts, hence to have enough youth platforms for participation and engagement in social activities in the community. The strong relationship among youth of different faiths will for sure reduce radicalization in the community, hence to create a harmony and peaceful society.

Furthermore, CCT has expanded the youth networks to university students of different faiths where youth will have funny by participating in various sports and games including training on moral aspects, interfaith relations for peaceful coexistence.


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