CCT PME Officer Mr. Urio Ndekirwa Gabriel and his team visited Geita for monitoring visit on IR VICOBA. There are almost 109 IR VOCOBA in Geita District. Among of them, 70 groups have a group network called (DIRVA).

CCT PME giving instructions to some of the volunteers on how to fill data in reporting books.

In Geita mostly IR VICOBA groups have adopted a new technology of take care of group money whereby they are controlled electronically (M-COBA).

Picture above shows a volunteer explain how M-COBA has helped them to improve the financial system including security, knowing members’ transactions, keeping all records online

Success stories

The following are some of the success stories captured during the monitoring

  1. The IR VICOBA Groups network (DIRVA) have built a good office. The office has big rooms where DIRVA staff can work, and a conference room.

Pictures bellow show their office

CCT PME first at left with CCT District coordinator (second from left)Mr. Boniface Leuben and some of the volunteers in front of the new office of IR VICOBA
  • Among member of Glory IR VICOBA (Mussa Daudi ) asked for loans many times, and now has bought a car of value seventeen million as the loan from the VOCOBA, He started with a loan of two hundred and fifty thousand Tanzanian shillings, and the second loans was eight hundred thousand Tanzania shilling, and the third loan was one million five hundred thousand where he started a bicycle rental business and opened a small shop. The next loan was six million where he built a house and improved business. Now he has taken a loan of seventeen million and bought a business car. He progress well in his business. Initially he was faced a management challenge but he currently manages himself.

CCT PME Mr Urio Ndekilwa at the middle interviewing the beneficiary(Mussa Daudi). At the left is CCT District Cooridinator Mr Boniface Reuben

Picture of the car owned by Mussa Daudi as the benefit from IR VICOBA

You can see the video bellow during his interview

  • Another beneficiary is from Utakaso group who set up a new shop as the result of loan from IR VICOBA.

 She started with a small loan but now she own a children’s special clothes.

CCT PME at right and District Coordinator on left, interviewing Stella in her shop

Before she joins the group, her life standard was very low compared to current. Now she owns a small shop having children’s special clothes, wallets and handbags.

She has established another new project of buy and selling maize, where by her husband is supervising. Before joining group they were living in a rental house, but now they have built a house to live and another for rent as the result of IR VICOBA. She begun taking a loan of three hundred thousands, when she was faithful to repay the loan to the group she was able to lend again five hundred thousand after repaying well she was able to borrow again one million, later she borrowed five million and now she is borrowing ten million.

Stella has not been greedy as she strongly urges others who have not joined to join IR VICOBA to get the benefits as she gets.

Her future plan is to buy a new car next year (2021) and the car will be named as IR VOCOBA

See the video bellow during her interview

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