1.0      Morogoro Women Training Centre (MWTC).

Morogoro Women Training Centre (MWTC) is one of the Christian Council of Tanzania’s (CCT) Unit. MWTC has been in place since 1979, to empower women from member churches, to acquire knowledge and skills to participate effectively in the life of the church, family and the community at large. Empowerment engages women in both social-economic teachings. In line with conducting trainings which are donor-funded programmes, the centre conducts income-generating activities like accommodation services (hospitality), catering services, and conference hall services.

There has been a demand for new innovative conceptions of making the centre to become a business-oriented centre, moving it from reliance on external donors to a fully self-sustained organization, with the ability to carry forward all its matters independently. From this inception, it is high time for MWTC to acquire current and advanced features of running the centre, to meet its mission and vision.

2.0      About the assignment.

Morogoro Women Training Centre (MWTC) is intending to engage a consultant to prepare a “Project Write-up on Agribusiness”, to enable the centre to become a training and business-oriented centre, by practicing agricultural activities, to improve its financial capacity to sustain the centre economically.

The project write up will examine the steps or stages of the project, components to be incorporated and how the objectives will be reached. In line with this the project write up is expected to evaluate the existing opportunities which are  found at the centre, review and provide analytical results and bring a plan and actual outputs of the project, based on the centers’ strategic plan.

This will assist the management to identify the significant stages of strengthening the business-oriented activities and guide the day to day operations.  

3.0         Purpose and Objectives of the assignment.

3.0.1     Overall Goal:

The overall goal of this assignment is to prepare an Agribusiness Plan for MWTC which will at 100% generate funds and increase internal incomes. 

3.0.2     Specific objectives:

  1. To execute an effective agribusiness plan to improve the center’s financial capacity and sustain it economically.
  2. To assess the effectiveness, appropriateness and efficiency of the agribusiness in plan designs including management, coordination and staffing, and levels of implementation for profit maximization.
  3. To measure the strengths of the ventures in place, weaknesses, and prioritize proper structure formulations, process and system undertakings to effect the achievements of the objectives entitled for the plan.

4.0      Expected deliverables of the assignment:

4.0.1   Expected deliverables for the proposal from the consultant.

The consultant for this work is required to state clearly on the below-mentioned points, on his/her proposal.

  1. Key areas of expertise and experience from the consultant view concerning the assignment.
  2. Understanding the scope of the assignment.
  • Methodology to be utilized in the assignment.
  1. Data preparation, organization and analysis.
  2. Consultant team composition and responsibilities.
  3. Work Plan proposal for the assignment.
  • A detailed budget for the assignment.

4.0.2     Expected deliverables for the assignment

  1. Inception report
  2. Agribusiness plan

5.0       Time frame of the assignment:

Time expected to receive the consultants’ assignment proposal is 2 weeks from the announcement, which ends on 06 August 2021. 

The selection of the consultant who will be placed to take forward the task will be completed by 13th August 2021, and settlement and agreements will be completed by 20th August 2021 to allow the assignment to continue. The time border for the primary assignment will be shown in the agreement of the work


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