PETS Master Trainers In Action

PETS Master Trainers In Action is a project designed to facilitate formation train and mentor new PETS committee in tracking public expenditure in the district of Bahi, Gairo and Same. The overall Objectives were to form new PETS COMMITTEE in the proposed District by using PETS MASTER TRAINERS because it is costs efficient, reliable and can reach more villages within a short time. Secondly, was to impart the knowledge of Good Governance and PETS to 20 wards of Bahi and Gairo and 15 wards in the District of Same and lastly was to improve the quality of work of PETS committee.

Activities assigned to PETS MASTER TRAINERS was to mobilize village assemblies, champion the formation of new PETS committees and facilitate three days training to the chosen member of PETS committees.

  1. The project started by providing incentives to PETS Master Trainers such as smart phones, motor cycle, pamphlets, leaflet and some articles for easy facilitation.
  • Introducing PETS concept
    Introducing PETS concept
    Mr Peter Kihiyo in Same District, at the office of District Development Officer Mr Ochieng Wayoga, introducing PETS Concept
  • Smiles
    With happy faces are PETS master trainers and Bahi District Coordinator Mary Mesay, of Bahi District after receiving mobile phones from CCT-Program Officer for field work
  • Phone for Work
    Phone for Work
    PETS Master Trainer, Mr John Makorokoro receive a smart phone from CCT program Officer, Beatrice Dengenesa for field work
  • Handing Over Motorcycle
    Handing Over Motorcycle
    CCT Program Officer, Beatrice Dengenesa, handing Motor Cycle to Gairo District Coordinator, Mr. Peter Kihiyo for field work in Gairo, Financed by Norwegian Church Aid
  • Introduction Letter
    Introduction Letter
    Mrs Selina Abel Mbeti handing an introduction letter to the Kigwe Village Authority Leaders
  • Group Photo in Same
    Group Photo in Same
    In a group photo are the officials from Same District Council, with our District Cordinator Mr Peter Kihiyo and Rev.Eliewaha Msuya



From July to September 2016,PETS Master Trainers have succeeded in mobilizing village assemblies with the agenda of forming PETS Committees in the villages, the meetings were organized and PETS committee member were chosen from these Village assemblies. The chosen PETS committee had the opportunity to receive three days training from the PETS MASTER TRAINERS on good governance and PETS.  A total of  18 new PETS  committee has been formed and trained in Bahi and Gairo in the   in the ward of  Chifutuka=10 Me 6 Fe 4, Isagha-Chali=10 Me 5 Fe 5, Mpinga=10 Fe 5 Me 5,Kigwe =11 Me 6 Fe 5, Msisi=12,Me 7 Fe 5,lamaiti=14 Fe 3 Me 11, Zanka=9 Me5 Fe 4, Babayu=10 Me 6 Fe 4  na Makanda=12 Me 8 Fe 4  in the district of Bahi thus make a total of  27 PETS committees in 19 wards and  Gairo in the ward of Msingisi 14, Fe 9 Me 5 ,Gairo14 Fe 5,Me 9 Ukwamani=13,Me 9 Fe 4,

Chigela=11 Me8 Fe 3,Kibedya=15 Fe 5 Me 10,Magoweko=Me 8 Fe ,Idibo =Leshata=11,Me 7 Fe 4 Na Madege 16 Fe 6 Me 10 thus Gairo has now  15 PETS committee in 14 wards. This is agreat achievement for CCT, With only few amount of money, in a month we have succeed to establish 10 new Village PETS committee 

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