1.why do we need this intervention?

  • Most churches in the selected rural areas cannot meet their power requirements for lighting, heating, and cooling due to high electricity bills
  • There is lack of clean light at homes and schools and that makes people more poor
  • insecurity of students and their properties that Cause to so many rape cases, and theft
  • the Health Facilities suffer with shortage of power that increase inefficiency

CCT therefore seeks to respond to the identified electrification problem that faces the rural Tanzanian’s by using its well-established network of church members to immediately respond to with solar energy.

Why solar energy?

Its less costly, sustainable, and eco-friendly. We all need that for sustainable development

2.Target Groups

The target area are 40 villages in 4 selected regions: Kagera is the least electrified 2%; others are Geita 5%, Mara 10% and Iringa 6%. We serve both church and community as per need

3. what is done

We provide solar systems with very cheap and affordable loan of more than three years; every person and organization can acquire according to ability to pay. And will pay by installment until he/she finish and then the system becomes hers/his. A person can pay every month, or per week or per year it depends on the seasons of his/her income. So, our intention is to help everyone of every level to acquire the system.

A family enjoying the solar system in Ngara, they have lived in darkness in their life until they found solar churches project and decided to join and got the service and now they live in light so they are happy, secured and hope for future to children

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