St. Dorcas Women’s Success

The Dorcas Pamoja group made of Mothers Union of MiujiParishi with their chairs that they bought for the church

The Dorcas Pamoja group made of Mothers Union of Miyuji Parish with the chairs they bought for their Church

St.Dorcas women group is made of 25 women of Mother’s Union at St.Andrea Church in Miyuji Parish Diocese of Central Tanganyika, in Dodoma. All these women are residing at Msalato Ward. They had been running their families relying only on the income through their husbands where the later are breadwinners for their families. These women were just taking care for the families while their husbands were involved in income generating activities.

Their leader explained as follows:

It is through CCT that we were trained on PAMOJA groups-saving and credit; whereby the training was conducted at our church where all 25 Mothers Union members learned the concept of Saving and credit as per PAMOJA. In the group our activities include saving and credit, family welfare and social sustainability. We started bysaving a small weekly amount  of Tshs.5,000/-  (2.4$) per member. We are now in 8th month and our savings has grown to a total of Tshs.5.3 M (2,500 $) – where on buying share is 3.2M (1,500$), Social fund is Tshs 750,000 (360$) and a profit of Tshs.1.4M (670$) earned from low interest rate loans to members.
We then felt the need for having bigger income generating activity for the group and we set a goal of buying a grading mill machine where we will be adding our group capital.’’ We have already cleared a place to install this machine at Church Compound. This project will cost Tsh.3million, which we can afford and  our income will increase considerably and as results family  income will  increase
So far the profit I am getting I add of what my husband is getting; we have improved our home and pay fees for our children

Now, women economically are no longer dependent on their husband as the only breadwinners for households.  This gives them confidence and a sense of security.  They have been able to buy 40 plastic chairs for their church and are contributing better offering than before.


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