Story of Faith

Faith Kwanga is 44 years old and she lives in Chamwino Ward. She is a single mother of two Children. She’s HIV positive and she is supported by CCT Healthy and HIV Department. She was first diagnosed with HIV in 2008 after being sick for a long time. One could easily see mild rashes on her body.

Following this condition, her daughter decided to take her to St. Gema health center where she was admitted for two days. She got tested and found with shingles. She was given some drugs to help her stave off the pain and remove some spots on her body.

Faith (in Blue dress) with her neighbours basking outside of her house.

Faith (in Blue dress) with her neighbours basking outside of her house.

After being discharged, she continued taking medication she was given from the health center while she was at home. She said “the drugs that were prescribed helped me to relieve some pain for some time and I almost got recovered”.

Sadly, she said, “four months later the sickness recurred again,” and this time her daughter took her to Mirembe Hospital for further check-ups. After being tested, she was found to be HIV positive and

her CD4 count was 44, which is very low. Therefore, following her CD4 counts being very low, the doctor prescribed her ARV’s drugs right away so as to raise her CD4 and make her immune system strong to fight opportunistic diseases

She said “I was shocked, couldn’t believe if i tested HIV positive”. Furthermore, she said, “two months later after I started taking drugs, i got paralyzed and became bedridden for two years, I could not do anything”. She concluded by saying that,” I lost hope and knew that I would die anytime soon”.

She was taken to Mirembe hospital for treatment by her daughter after she paralyzed. This time, she was diagnosed with TB and because of this condition; the doctor prescribed her TB medication and advised her to stop taking ARV drugs for a short while till she gets better.

Mrs. Lusinde who is a care provider at Chamwino Ward visited her for the first time after she was told about her story. She testifies that, “the patient was really weak and looked haggard. Therefore I began counseling her first and later her family members altogether”. Mrs. Lusinde encouraged them to take good care of her and insisted on healthy eating for the patient especially vegetables and fruits to raise the patient’s CD4.

When she got improved with TB, the Doctor advised her to continue with ARV medication. Two months later, Mrs. Lusinde saw Mirembe’s Doctor about Faith’s drugs to see if ARVs medication she was taking can be changed because the medications were a little bit disturbing. The drugs were changed and were really useful as it made her feel much better.

Four months later, Faith started slightly standing on her own and her CD4 shot up to 257 and later her CD4 counts rose up to 458.

Faith began walking on her own short distances. To date Faith is up on feet and her CD4 counts stand at 500; she’s no longer on bed, she walks and does her activities on her own.

Faith in her daily home activities.

Faith in her daily home activities.

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