The Story of Mathayo

Mathayo at his business outlets building

Mathayo at his business outlets building

 “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”– Helen Keller

If it were not for CCT’s intervention Mathayo Bony (42) would not be a man of influence that he is today. It all happened when he accepted changes, and then became a change himself. He has shown that the horizon is not the limit, but there is a land of flowing with milk and honey just beyond it; the land of justice, development and integrity. The land where the lowly are respected, the weak are strengthened, the elite are humble; the wingless fly and the legless walk.

Before 2009, Mathayo was just a common man, he was not known for anything peculiar. Through CCT projects facilitated by NCA in Kilosa, Mr. Bony had an opportunity to learn through various workshops, seminars and trainings organized by CCT.  Out of such facilitations Mathayo became a CCT IR- VICOBA facilitator, a PETS facilitator as well as a Paralegal Facilitator for Zombo Village in Kilosa.

Mathayo is a humble story of zero to hero. After the training on IR-VICOBA, he mobilized his neighbours to form a group of IR-VICOBA named FARAJA. Under FARAJA they had a program of loan borrowing as one of the products of IR-CCT-VICOBA.  “As a far as I can remember, my first loan was 60,000/= Shillings only” said Mr Bony. He started with it the business of cooking and selling snacks with the help of his lovely wife. When the snacks business got many customers they decided to build a restaurant and thence expand their business portfolio to sell meals and refreshments. That was his first business, and it had a lot of success.

It was not easy, but we struggled for everything and we made it through our hard working while following the entrepreneurship skills from the IR-CCT-VICOBA workshops.” remarked Mr Bony

Apart from the restaurant business, Mathayo learnt that he could make more progress by seizing the opportunity in power supply. In his village there was no electricity. Mathayo stepped forward and started to produce power by a diesel generator in 2014. He took a loan of 2,000,000 TSh from his VICOBA group and started power production business. Currently he boasts a clientele of 47 households each of whom pays between 30,000 TSh and 45,000 TSh.

Mathayo at his "Power Plant"

Mathayo at his “Power Plant”

Apart from economic prosperity, Mathayo is also basking in the adulation of numerous adorers of his. He is one of the most respected personalities in his communities. Not for his economic feats, but mostly because of the contribution he (together with other members) had in the PETS committees. With his influence and the trust people have on him, he was elected Zombe Village Chairperson in the last Local Governments elections in 2014.

Mathayo has been unique for his ability to be daring yet wise enough to pick business ideas that have not failed him. Moreover the pursuit of prosperity is an endless one to him. Recently he has started a project of building business outlets in order for letting to the business persons. This is a long term investment for sustainability of his business. He has also bought the Satellite Dishes for TV shows; especially for the world famous football leagues.

Despite significant success, Mathayo continues to dream. In his statement he still aspire for becoming a good leader of his people as well as a successful entrepreneur.

My life under IR-CCT-VICOBA has changed from nobody to somebody, I am totally and completely a different person and I believe my dreams of becoming a Zombo Councillor and owning my own company will materialize.  As I have always believed success is not a miracle; but it happens through hard work, determination, focus and vision. I am would like to encourage my fellow Tanzanians to work hard and to determine to succeed in life” Said Mr. Mathayo Bony.

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