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To end Povery

CCT has been educating the community on how to fight poverty. Through entrepreneurial groups, CCT has empowered community members, women in particular, to enhance their activities and value them. Education has been provided on a regular basis in some areas. You are asked to make your contribution so that we can reach more people

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To fight Gender Based Violance

Acts of violence have been holding back development in the communities we live in. One of the acts of violence is FGM, child marriage, rape and beatings. Education is needed to combat these acts in society.

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Climate Change

Climate change has caused communities to damage the environment by farming near water sources thus causing drought. Many farmers have also cut down trees while preparing the fields, making many areas dry. Education is needed to educate the community now on how to plant trees and to avoid them cultivating near water sources

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Join us to fight against deseases like covid-19 and AIDS. People and organizations who want to help fight the pandemic and support CCT can now donate via the link

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To Buld Church Houses

There are many areas that need help in building a churches. One of the challenges facing the believers in our churches is to have low income. Sometimes you find believers are not even able to get food so it becomes difficult to build places of worship. Your contribution will greatly help to grow the Lord's church

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