Directorate of Administration and Human Resources

The Directorate of Administration and Human Resources is a directorate that coordinates and manages administrative and human resource issues. We thank Jesus Christ who has given us the strength to serve him at all times.

The directorate involve in developing policies for improving the internal performance of institution and relations with various stakeholders. This Directorate has continued to ensure that gender equality is taken into account in recruitment based on the ability and skills of both parties. In addition, there are still jobs that in reality have continued to be seen as only for men as security guard and other difficult tasks. Also has been hiring temporary staff within a year or less due to the need for the relevant time.

CCT has been developing its staff to the best of its ability, especially in professional boards such as Accountants, Advocates and Secretaries. Staffs have been attending short and long courses as well. CCT has been encouraging staffs to develop themselves as well by attending short and long evening classes while continuing with their responsibilities.