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CCT) participated in the World Womens Day celebrations March 08, 2022

Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT) participated in the World Womens Day celebrations March 08, 2022 in Dodoma Region. The celebrations took place in Chemba District, where the program officer of Women, Children and Gender Mrs Esther Muhagachi had the opportunity to give greetings and explain the work of CCT. She gave the data of the last year (2021) and explained that ;CCT empowered 14,357 women in economic activities and for legal education reached 90,034 women out of which 268 received legal aid. Also in 2020, 11,890 women were empowered for competing on the leadership positions of which 58 women were successfully elected in leadership positions, especially at the council level. The motto for the womens day is "Gender Equality for Sustainable Development; be available for census " At the ceremony, the Guest of Honor Mr.Anthony Mtaka Dodoma Regional Commissioner appreciated the womens response to the celebration. He also urged the public to be enthusiastic about business opportunities on the day of the exhibition. During celebrations, the Chapakazi Group from Kondoa District, Jitegemee and Juhudi from Chamwino District empowered by CCT through the Strong Woman Project received gifts from the Guest of Honor for outstanding performance in their production activities.