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Livestock breeders are advised to use Good Breeding methods

Veterinary officer Iyela ward in Mbeya city Saveria Nyigu has advised livestock breeders including pigs, chickens and rabbits to consider the best and friendly environment for the livestock they breed. This includes the cleanliness of the sheds, vaccinations on time and the right medicine for the disease that is compatible with the age of the animals, Nutrition / complete food, choosing good livestock seeds that bear fruit on time, checking the availability of the market for the animals you breed and continuing to focus on the recommended methods and veterinary specialists. This training has been facilitated by CCT through the Brave Woman project sponsored by the Norwegian development organization where 20 participants from different groups of people with special needs met. The brave woman project aims to empower women more economically through the activities they do, build their capacity to compete for leadership positions and realize their rights through education and legal support provided